FUN FACT: ๐ŸŒต In addition to the iconic saguaro cacti, Phoenix is also home to various other types of cacti, including the barrel cactus, cholla cactus, and prickly pear cactus


Squish.Slime.Kid is your one stop shop for kid entertainment in the greater Phoenix, AZ area! ย 

We specialize in interactive, exciting and (most importantly) FUN experiences for kids of all ages.

Our dedicated team of party professionals makes sure that all of our events are absolutely unforgettable. ย 

We offer a wide range of party packages to fit all budgets and themes.

From our classic Slime Package to our Little Artist Painting Party, there is something for everyone. Let us make your next event the very best!!

Squish.Slime.KID is the perfect place for parents, kids, and friends to come together for some fun and creative activities in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

We offer a variety of activities for your children to enjoy. ย 

Every activity has been carefully crafted to ensure your kids get the most out of the experience.

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for your kids to explore new hands-on activities and to help foster their creativity and imagination.

Come join us and explore the wonderful world of Squish.Slime.KID!

"My grandkids had the BEST time ever. They couldn't stop squishing their slime for days after their party."

Dana Estrada


"We had the best time ever because the kids had the best time ever! We can't wait to book our next party!"

Chad Gambetti


"The setup was so colorful and interactive... Even though I'm an adult... I wanted to squish, slime, KID all day long!"

Melissa Sweat

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