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I am Anne Pauli, the face and name behind Pauli Dough!

I have an Early Childhood Development degree and a degree in Elementary Education. I began my journey in education after 15 years in child care.

Helping children learn and grow has been and always will be my true calling. After becoming a mom of two, 21 months apart I took a step back from my 6-year teaching career.

What started as a hobby to entertain my two playdough-loving kids grew into the brand Pauli Dough.

From being in the classroom, I realized the need for toddlers to explore using their senses and the lack of scented dough options.

Pauli Dough currently offers:

  • Playdough jars (scented and unscented).
  • Busy Hands Kits (includes dough or sensory sand and themed accessories).
  • Large kits (includes 2 bundles of dough and themed accessories).
  • Sensory bin fillers and ready-to-go sensory bin kits (includes a bin, filler and themed accessories).

I also offer custom busy hand kits and dough jars which are perfect for party favors!

My vision is to provide something quick and accessible for all the other busy families like mine.

The area I service: Ship to the whole US so I can service all of AZ also offer local pick up in the North Phoenix area

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