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We are a local Phoenix business, baking & creating a memorable event experience.

Cake pops have become a popular dessert alternative.

A cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop: Crumbled cake mixed with frosting formed into a variety of shapes, decorated, and adhered to a stick using a candy melt shell.

Now catering your next event! We do weddings, corporate events, showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Check out our new rental - Poppy the tap cart!

Equipped with two mini fridges, stock them with cake pops or your favorite canned/bottled beverages.

Two dispensing units feed to a chilled kegerator in the back. Split & tap your favorites! From beer, champagne, cold brew, soda, cocktails - You name it, Poppy can pour it!

Merry Poppins is the BEST dessert option by far! Gabby is incredibly talented & creative with all the custom shapes & characters she creates. They are also the best tasting cake I’ve ever had!
-Dawnsue Dennehy

The best cake pops ever!! The designs Gabby comes up with are cute, fun, and so creative! I have no idea how she gets them so uniform, but the entire set of pops was very professionally done. So impressed by the look AND taste! Keep it up Merry Poppins!
-Danielle Pool

Unmatched talent & creativity!! Do you need wow factor for your next gift or party? look no further. Easy to communicate with & super professional. Totally recommend.
-Aly Roy


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