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Our facility is a 5200 square foot space dedicated to bringing the gift of play to families of children who are immunocompromised!

Lily’s Pad was designed to allow children dealing with medical conditions a chance to escape from some of the isolation they face.

Our volunteers are ready to create a fun and welcome experience for our members, allowing parents the freedom to relax in our cafe area or take a private break in our Quiet Room.

The playground features a park-like playground piece with two slides and a climbing wall.

Smaller children will enjoy our “Toddler’s Corner” with a nook for reading, small toys and blocks.  

Older kids can try their hand at Pop-A-Shot, Air Hockey and Foosball.  

An arts and crafts area is ready and waiting for our creative visitors as well!

Parents and Caregivers are always welcome to play or simply sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in “Caregiver’s Corner.”

Families can request membership and only need a medical professional’s referral to qualify.  

To be a place of respite for our families, play is always free for our members!

We do rely on the generousity of our community to help us operate our facility.

Click the Donate Today bar below to learn how you can help.

Learn about how to become a member.

Donate Today

All donations, no matter how small, are truly appreciated and will only go to helping families and children suffering from immunocompromised conditions.


Families and community members are welcome to tour our facility!  Please be prepared to have your temperature taken before admittance.  All guests will need to wear shoe covers before entering the playground space.  

WEDNESDAYS: Tours are offered by appointment daily from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

TUES/THURS/FRI/SAT: Tours are offered by appointment after 3 pm.

What Makes Us Hyper-Clean?

A hyper-clean play facility will help parents of an immunocompromised child reduce the risk of infection for their child while still allowing them some of the normal experiences of childhood.

A child may be immunocompromised due to a medical condition or due to medications they are taking to fight disease.  

Children battling cancer, living with congenital heart defects, recovering from organ transplants or dealing with autoimmune disorders can end up with a weakened immune system.

Simple childhood pleasures like playing on a playground, going to school, or enjoying a play date with a close friend can become off limits due to the risks of infection.

This isolation can lead to depression and an overall decline in social development.  

It is our goal to restore some of the simple childhood joys of play and to allow families to come together as a community.

Our space is designed to lessen the risk of infection which will allow immunocompromised children and their caregivers a safe place to connect and play.  

How Will We Be Hyperclean?

Customized Air Filtration

Our HVAC system is being custom designed to meet code for the immunocompromised.

HEPA filters will be used to provide the same level of clean air as that of a hospital clinic.

Humidity control, an air scrubber and air quality monitoring systems will keep germs and bacteria to a minimum.

By ensuring that the air is clean, we can help stop the spread of germs through the facility.

Approved Materials

In a partnership with Dr. Debra Harris of Baylor University, all materials will be approved for their safety in health design.

Everything from the paint to the furniture has been chosen with cleanliness in mind.

The flooring in our actual play space will not only allow us to provide a safe landing zone for kids at play but will allow us to clean and maintain it safely for years to come.

Cleaning and Protocol

All visitors will need to be symptom free and temperature checked prior to entry.

Shoes will be exchanged for socks that we will provide.

Our play sessions will be by reservation only and the number of children and caregivers will be limited to prevent crowds.

Cleaning between every play session and overnight deep cleaning will provide fresh play spaces every time!

Special Promos

Medical Professional Referral Form

Lily’s Pad is a hyperclean, indoor play facility for children who are immunocompromised or considered vulnerable to illness due to a medical condition.  

Our facility is free to any qualifying child and their immediate family.  

If you have a child that you would like to recommend for play, please fill out the form below.

This form can also be downloaded as a PDF and filled out.  

Please email the completed form to dawn@lilyspadaz.orgor mail to:  3320 S. Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ  85282.

Schedule Play
To schedule play, you need to have a completed referral from a medical professional and received a welcome email from Lily’s Pad.

Qualifying Families Play at Lily's Pad Free of Charge!

If you have a child that is immunocompromised or vulnerable to illness due to a medical condition, your family is eligible for play at Lily’s Pad.  

You will need to have a member of the medical field (doctor, nurse, child life professional or social worker) provide a referral in order to qualify.  

You can fill out the form below and we can provide you with more information or you can provide this link directly to your medical professional to submit on your behalf.

To get the process started, simply fill out the form here!

Medical Professionals

If you have been requested by a family to provide a referral or if you have a family that you would like to recommend for membership, please click this link to get started!

How can you help?

There are many ways to be a part of the Lily’s Pad team!


Your donation will help keep play FREE forever! Donations are tax deductible.


We are always looking for people to help with both time or in-kind efforts.

Host A Fundraiser

Help get the word out about our cause and become part of our team!

Sponsor Play Sessions!

Did you know that you can help give the gift of play to an immunocompromised child for only $20.00!  Sponsor a child’s play session and help us keep play free forever!

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Play sessions are for members and siblings only and require a reservation.

Sessions are limited to 12 children at a time.