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Welcome to the i.d.e.a. Museum.

The i.d.e.a. Museum – which is owned by the City of Mesa and supported by the i.d.e.a. Museum Foundation – offers hands-on activities and art exhibitions for kids of all ages. Programs are developed not only for children but also – most importantly – for the whole family.

The museum inspires our visitors to experience their world differently. Therefore – in addition to art, creativity and imagination – we focus on supporting early learning, nurturing creative thinking and engaging families in quality experiences.

We also offer virtual school tours, and Girl Scout workshops.

Please visit our Classes page to learn more.

NOTE: We are open Tuesday through Sunday.

Explore a variety of art and hands-on activities.

The HUB Gallery includes a few new areas such as Junkyard Jungle and Optical Illusion interactives. ArtVille – a colorful socks-only space for little ones ages 4 and younger – features new entrance and activities, including Shadow Dancing and Color Your World.

Older children may enter as helpers and must be considerate of younger children.

Capacity is limited in ArtVille, and guest may be asked to return at a later time.


The museum offers art and hands-on activities that support early learning, nurture creative thinking and engage families in quality time.

Children and adults are encouraged to engage in hands-on activities together.

For the best visitor experience, please follow these guidelines:

  • Adult visitors must supervise their children and/or guests at all times.
  • Please walk in the galleries.
  • Share or take turns on popular museum activities.
  • Eating and drinking are only allowed in the lobby, outdoor Atrium and Snackery.
  • Return supplies and tidy up space after completing an activity.
  • Art materials are for use in the museum only.
  • Socks are required to enter ArtVille.
  • Please take note of signs posted.
  • Children and adults who are playing rough or become disruptive to the safe play of others will be excused from the museum.

Sensory tips

You may bring your own fidget spinners, noise-canceling headphones or other items to help you have a more pleasant experience.

A few sensory backpacks are available for check out at our Visitor Services desk.

Additionally, accommodations are available upon request, and guests may request lap desks to checkout.

Currently, the museum tends to be quieter in the afternoons.

The museum has gone through the rigorous process of autism certification training by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

We also proudly participate in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, since not all disabilities are obvious.

Museum guests and members may ask for lanyard or bracelet to let staff know they may need some extra help or time during their visit.

Quiet spaces

The museum offer three designated “quiet spaces” where visitors can sit and relax away from the bright lights and sounds of other visitors.

In ArtVille, the Infant Care Room is a private space where families can sit away from other visitors, feed infants, or change diapers.  

Visitors may also opt to escape to Art’s Library in ArtVille to comfortably sit and read. In the HUB, you can sit quietly in the Zen Den.

Please note: All of these areas are located within the museum, which is a public space.

The noise level could increase in these areas when the museum is busy.

For your convenience, sensory backpacks can be checked out at the Visitors Services Desk.


Bathrooms are located on both ends of the museum.

Additionally, a Family/Companion Care restroom is located in ArtVille.

Museum bathrooms have manual flush toilets, on/off sinks, and electric towel dispensers.


The museum’s front entry has automated doors activated by a button.

The inside is wheelchair accessible.

What can I touch?

Much of the museum is set up for touching and exploration.

But a few items that are not meant for touching will have barriers and signage.

If you see signs or fencing placed in front of artwork, that means it is fragile and should not be touched.

We want your child to be able to roam freely through the museum, but please do not cross barriers protecting objects.

Whiteman Family Gallery/Exhibitions

Exhibitions rotate twice yearly, keep up to date with the latest.

Click here for current list of exhibitions.

The HUB is a gallery with a variety of interactive areas to trigger your imagination and let your creativity run loose. Create artwork, build, design and explore a collection of interactives with your family and friends in this fun, energetic activity space.

Zen Den

Listen for how the sounds move around the space  and how they change over time. Stay for as long as you want, and enjoy the time to let your mind and body rest.

Tech Table

Play a variety of interactive games and activities on a light-and-motion enhanced touch table.

Oodles of Doodles

Doodling is fun! Let your inner child loose or collabradoodle with your child.

Creativity Cove

Imagine and create! This space soon will feature student artworks from the Express Your Environmental Self Earth Day Creative Challenge.

Magnetic Wall

Take on a design challenge with balls and chutes! Activity sponsored by McCarthy.

Animation Station

Stop-motion activity station where stories come alive and imagination comes to life.

Puppet Theater

Build language skills and get creative storytelling with the help of a few adorable puppets.

Black Light Room

Enjoy imaginative costume play in our jungle-themed exhibition space.

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