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My name is Jessica and I am a product photographer, wife, and mom of two!

I started my business to have a creative outlet while the kids nap and I have been so happy with the growth and fun that I have had.

I love working with creative brands and learning more each day about the amazing products that people have created.

The name Charlie and Me Photography comes from my oldest daughter Charlie, who loves to be my assistant and follows me wherever I go.

I live in Blackfoot, Idaho, and absolutely love to be outside.

Camping, hiking, or playing outside with the kids.

Idaho has the most amazing mountains and natural creations, and we love to explore them all.

Product Photographs

These images are used for the product listing on your website or other e-commerce sites.

They can have a colored background or be a clipped white background.

Lifestyle Photographs

The thing that will sell your product the best is showing your customer how it is used and how it would fit in their world.

These images may contain a model or be a staged image.

Flat Lay Photographs

Flat lays show your image in a fun way that displays things like a complete outfit, seasonal accessories, or a complete collection.

They are great for collaborating with other brands.

Please let me know if you need any more information or if I can help you with your photography needs!


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